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The Veil Trap Series: A Must-Read Adventure for Science Fiction & Fantasy Lovers. For the Young and young at heart.


Book 1: Lost Souls

This summer, twelve-year-old Peter Nuts's idyllic break at Nanna’s house turns into an epic adventure. With his trusty dog, Mr Milly, by his side, Peter stumbles upon a hidden realm called The Veil, where an ancient alien species controls a corrupt reincarnation system. Guided by his eccentric Nanna, Peter must navigate this magical place, learning its paranormal rules and facing dark forces intent on extinguishing his newfound power. Can Peter uncover the truth and save his light from being snuffed out?

Book 2: Winter of Shadows

After a transformative summer, Peter returns to a wintery Hagden only to find that the battle between light and dark is far from over. Now a warrior of light, Peter struggles with fading memories and a dark knight shadowing his every move. To save his friend PC Newley and retrieve his lost memories, Peter must dive deeper into the Vile’oment empire, battling queen witch Shawlinka and demon worshippers. Will he be able to protect those he loves and uncover the hidden secrets of the Veil?

Book 3: To Hell and Back

Peter discovers a hidden sanctuary, a majestic manor within a sea cave, where he wields ultimate control. Haunted by guilt and the dire consequences of his powers, Peter knows he cannot hide forever. To confront his destiny, he must embark on a perilous journey to find Briney Dread, rescue Choc, and dismantle the Vile’oment’s soul prison. The path to redemption is dangerous and uncertain, pushing Peter to venture to the darkest depths—even to hell and back.

Coming Soon !!! The last in the series.

Book 4: Master of the Dark

Peter's actions have brought chaos to Hagden and Saltfret Bay. Consumed by guilt, he faces a growing darkness within his sanctuary. As the reluctant hero deemed the savior of mankind, Peter uncovers the Vile’oments' true nature. With the power to unseat these ancient aliens, Peter races against time to prevent their plan to destroy life on Earth. Can he overcome his inner darkness and save the world before it's too late?

Embark on a thrilling journey through mystical realms, battles of good and evil, and the transformation of a daydreaming boy into a reluctant hero. Perfect for young adults and fantasy enthusiasts, The Veil Trap series is an addictive, magical adventure you won't be able to put down.

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